Beyond Housing


    Older homeless people are rapidly rising in number yet largely misunderstood & invisible. By providing a voice to George & Hilary, Beyond Housing aims to raise awareness, combat stereotypes, & provide hope to older homeless adults across Canada

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    Beyond Housing

    • Alberta
    • Length: 9 min. 24 sec.
    • Director: Victoria F. Burns
    • Genre: Documentary
    • Topics: Community
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    Pitch Video

    Beyond Housing shares the intimate re-housing stories of Hillary and George, two formerly homeless older Calgarians.

    Genre: Documentary
    Target Audience: Adults
    Target Length: 10 minutes
    Budget: $10,000

    Created By

    Victoria Burns ,  Alberta


    Over 235,000 people experience homelessness per year in Canada— this population is getting older. Homelessness is traumatic at any age but older people are often sicker, less mobile, and more socially isolated. We know that housing stability and well-being requires more than bricks and mortar; people need to feel “at home.” But what does it mean to “find home” after being homeless? What is working well? What are the challenges? Beyond Housing explores these questions by sharing the intimate re-housing stories of George and Hillary, 2 formerly homeless older Calgarians. By giving voice to older homelessness, this digital short hopes to raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, and give hope to the thousands of older homeless adults who continue to suffer in silence on the streets.


    The Team

    We are a unique team (3 professors & videographer) with the skills to deliver an inspired and inspiring digital short!!! We are looking for a savvy social media strategist to help us get the word out to a wider audience!

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