About us

STORYHIVE gives underrepresented communities in British Columbia and Alberta an opportunity to share their stories on the Canadian Broadcasting System. Through various programs we provide production funding, training, mentorship and distribution on TELUS Optik TV.

We celebrate our accomplishments

Since 2013, we have achieved:

$59M+funding provided
117,000+hours of robust training and mentorship
1,200+projects funded

We’re here to support storytellers

We want to accelerate your creativity and development through funding, distribution and support from TELUS to help you move your career goals ahead.


About our programs

STORYHIVE offers a variety of opportunities for community members to create access programming. For example:

Editions: Content created by new and emerging creators supported by our innovative industry leading training, mentorship and distribution support. Your Story, Your Narrative. (We have launched theme editions such as the Black Creators Edition and Indigenous Storyteller Edition)

Voices: User generated episodic content programming that is created by the community, for the community. Includes customized training modules, a community of support and distribution support. Your Passion, Your Community.

Summer Crew: Providing a unique summer opportunity focused on livestreaming community events in an episodic format. Crews are supported with equipment, training and distribution support. Your City, Your Coverage.

Community Stories: In partnership with VoVo Productions, this program offers free training and mentorship programs for residents with little or no experience to create their own locally reflective content.

Youth Community Stories: In partnership with Reel Youth, this program offers mentorship support for youth (ages 14-30 years old) to turn their passion for films into a career.


Our culture

Team STORYHIVE is made up of television, film and digital content loving, industry champions that are passionate about the community and the power of content and storytelling. We aim to create a safe space for storytellers to hone their skills and bring the projects they care about to life.


Our commitment

We are committed to facilitating spaces where every person who engages with STORYHIVE feels safe and supported to share their voices and stories. We encourage applicants to be active agents in nurturing diversity, equity and inclusion in their communities.

Inclusion and diversity

We are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse community, amplifying underrepresented voices and promoting equitable opportunities in the television, film and digital media industry.


We celebrate and nurture creativity, empowering storytellers to explore their unique visions and push the boundaries of content creation through our innovative programs.

Kick starting careers

We are dedicated to launching careers in the content creation world, providing aspiring creators with the tools, mentorship and exposure they need to succeed and make their mark.


See the amazing TELUS Local Content team that lead STORYHIVE and work together to create opportunities for the community.

picture of Cameron Zinger
Cameron Zinger

Director, TELUS Local Content, STORYHIVE & TELUS originals

picture of Amanda Wong
Amanda Wong

Manager, Local Content Program Office

picture of Nellie Mirazizyan
Nellie Mirazizyan

Manager, Ingest, Merchandise & Digital Design

picture of Jennifer Park
Jennifer Park

Manager, STORYHIVE & Community Content

picture of Leah Camenzind
Leah Camenzind

Manager & Managing Production Executive,
TELUS originals & TELUS independent

picture of Laura Duncan
Laura Duncan

Senior Program Manager, Merchandising & Content

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