Our Story

See the amazing TELUS Local Content team that lead STORYHIVE and work together to create opportunities for the community.

picture of Cameron Zinger
Cameron Zinger

Director, TELUS Local Content, STORYHIVE & TELUS originals

picture of Amanda Wong
Amanda Wong

Manager, Local Content Program Office

picture of Nellie Mirazizyan
Nellie Mirazizyan

Manager, Ingest, Merchandise & Digital Design

picture of Jennifer Park
Jennifer Park

Manager, STORYHIVE & Community Content

picture of Leah Camenzind
Leah Camenzind

Manager & Managing Production Executive,
TELUS originals & TELUS independent

picture of Laura Duncan
Laura Duncan

Senior Program Manager, Merchandising & Content

picture of Munira Mohamud
Munira Mohamud

Senior Program Manager, Voices, Visual Podcast & Community Content

picture of Nicolas Ayerbe-Barona
Nicolas Ayerbe-Barona

Senior Program Manager, Summer Crew, Livestreaming & Editions

picture of Linette Ho
Linette Ho

Marketing Manager, STORYHIVE

picture of Shaun Cathcart
Shaun Cathcart

Program Manager, Editions
Territory Manager, Southern Alberta

picture of Georgina Chaplin
Georgina Chaplin

Program Manager, Voices and Visual Podcast
Territory Manager, Lower Mainland

picture of Erin Shaw
Erin Shaw

Program Manager, Voices and Visual Podcast
Territory Manager, Vancouver Island & Northern BC

picture of Audrey Kiss
Audrey Kiss

Program Manager, Voices and Visual Podcast
Territory Manager, Interior BC

picture of T Bannister
T Bannister

Manager of Training and Partnerships

picture of Emily Weldon
Emily Weldon

Marketing Specialist, STORYHIVE & TELUS originals
Community Advisory Board Lead

picture of Alex Moase
Alex Moase

Product Manager, Digital Design & Website

picture of Cassidy Anhorn
Cassidy Anhorn

Project Coordinator, Merchandising & Content

picture of Ana Foger
Ana Foger

Senior Financial Analyst, Local Content

picture of Brian Quan
Brian Quan

Content Ingest Manager

picture of Bola Balogun
Bola Balogun

Marketing Specialist & Product Owner, Digital Experience & Design

picture of Manpreet Randhawa
Manpreet Randhawa

Product Specialist,
Ingest & Merchandise