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Danielle Wintrip

Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Production Manager, Production Design, Camera Operator, Lighting, Social Media Strategist

One of my major goals is to encourage more women - especially those in Southern Alberta - to share their stories by getting involved in filmmaking. It's my dream to turn Lethbridge Alberta into a cultural hub for film and television through the growth of the Lethbridge Independent Film Society of which I am a founding member and current Vice President. I love to craft worlds be it verbally or visually. I believe in a good prop, I believe the right prop can make or break a story. I've taken AP classes in both art and writing, and I have a diploma in Film & Video Production. I've worked in the art department on a handful of short films and music videos quite often as Art Director.


3xFunded team member

Past projects

Western Steele
Western SteeleDrama · $60,000 Fund
Team member
SOLUSDrama · $40,000 Fund
Team member

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