2017 Immersive


Solus is the story of two siblings separated by their circumstance but connected through their past. When something destructive visits our world, Zara is forced to make the decision between using an unknown force to save her brother or run.

Length9 min. 37 sec.


Pitch video


The story of Zara is one told in the classic form of cinema. Her life is spent away from the city, which helps her stumble upon a foreign object that she herself doesn't realize is affecting her as the day goes on. Parallel to Zara's world, her brother is at the heart of the city. A place where innovation is key and a place where the form of 360 makes most sense. When an unknown species visits our world, Braydon is forced to make quick decisions to protect himself at all costs. Zara on the other hand, slowly realizing the powers she has been given has to decide to run or save her brother from the unknown. The connection between 360 and the city vs liner and Zara is what we believe will build a successful project that not only excites viewers but also leaves them wanting more.

The team

Our team is built up of diverse and talented people who share the same vision. Only thing missing is a VFX artist! Up for the challenge? Contact us!

Profile picture of Lakshjit Gill
Lakshjit GillProduction Manager
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Danielle WintripProduction Design
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Laureat NkinzoSocial Media Strategist


Production Design

The Ship is one of our big reveals for the linear and 360 short. It was important for us to have this connect to The Creature when it comes to having a realistic feel to it. The ship is designed to open so that it can emit light as far as the eye can see. There are a lot of metaphors built into the design of this ship to give audiences more to think about than just the visuals. While we would love to reveal what the inside of the ship holds, we think those details are best left for the final product.
After Zara's encounter with a foreign object, she begins to see a creature throughout her journey. Is this creature on the good side or bad? Getting the vision for this creature is important and bringing it to life will be one of our greatest challenges. Succeeding in creating a realistic creature will lead to our story being told the right way. Our concept sketch here shows our ideas of what this creature may look like. The clothing is minimal and has a very down to earth feel to it.
The beauty of our first location is that it is right beside the Oldman river. What this means is that there is a small forest riverside that suddenly turns into the beautiful Alberta Prairies we have grown to love. The isolation of this location will help us convey Zara's lifestyle and help us set the right mood going into the rest of our story.
The city is one the most important locations since it shows the world Zara's brother is trapped in. When we heard about 360, we knew his world needed to exist in 360. This will work in great contrast to the flashbacks back to when he was in Zara's world feeling free from all the worries and troubles. This will also trap our viewers right in the middle of the attack once it comes.