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Breanna Kennedy

Artist, Writer, Producer, Actor

Breanna works as an actor, stage manager, and photographer, in Calgary. She has been a company member with Loose Moose Theatre since 2014 and works as the resident stage manager and photographer for Sour Dog Theatre, as well as an artist in residence with Trickster Theatre. Select credits include; Theatre- "Concord Floral" Theatre Junction GRAND, "7 Stories", "Dog Sees God" Sour Dog Theatre "A Chrismoose Carol", "Cinderella", "Sleeping Beauty" Loose Moose Theatre. Film - "Lid, Label, Refridgerate", "Mind Blown" Franworks, "Otaku High", "Tierra" Storyhive funded.


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Otaku High
Otaku HighComedy · $60,000 Fund
Team member

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