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Hans Wackershauser

Artist, Animation Lead, Animator, Writer, Actor, Voice Over

My goal is to create energetic, interesting and emotionally charged art pieces. Whether that be through film/TV, theatre or animation. Since graduating from the Mt. Royal theatre performance program I have been active in Calgary's acting community performing both contemporary and classic theatre pieces. More recently I have begun to pursue a career in film, tv and voice over. Some things you may have seen or heard me in: Space Rippers, Ouroboros, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Futurecard Buddyfight, B-Daman Fireblast and Tobot. Steps have I taken to improve my craft: Company of Rogues acting for film/TV - Joe-Norman Shaw, The Camera Loves You - Chantal Perron, Audition Hell - Peter Skagen, ToonVox Act 1-3 - Jonathan Love, DailAct accent workshop - David LeReaney and SixDegrees VO.


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Otaku High
Otaku HighComedy · $60,000 Fund
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