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Eric Stroppel

Director, Writer, Producer, Production Manager, Social Media Strategist

Eric is a recent SAIT Film and Video Production graduate. He has been interning at NUTV for the past 2 years as a segment producer for online series such as the B-Movie talk show 'Video Vulture', where he helped facilitate creating interesting online content, where volunteer members could work on developing filmmaking skills while also working in a fun learning environment. He has successfully written, directed, and produced a web series pilot for Storyhive called 'OTAKU HIGH'. He has also been a social media strategist for 3 successful projects including LEGEND OF THE LITCH LORD, I LOVE YOU JOHNNY and OTAKU HIGH. Eric aims to one day be working full time to create serialized content, narrative and narrative feature-length films that incorporate topics he is extremely passionate about.


1xFunded team lead

Past projects

Otaku High
Otaku HighComedy · $60,000 Fund
Team lead

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