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Jordan Barnes-Crouse

Director, Editor, Writer, Camera Operator, Sound Engineer, Music, Motion Graphics

Jordan Barnes-Crouse is a director, editor and cinematographer based in Vancouver, Canada. Graduated from Langara College’s Digital Film Production program in 2008, he later co-founded Off World Pictures in 2014 with special effects makeup artist Carolyn Williams to pursue their passion for genre filmmaking. Recent directing credits include 'Dancing in Ashes', produced for Cineworks’ Back Down the Highway anthology; ‘The Sleep of Endymion’, one of ten Storyhive funded music video projects in 2015; 'Ghost Can', 2016 Zoscar winner at the Rio Theatre's Dead on Film Fest, and 'Time Heals No Wounds', winner of Best Local Short at the 2018 Vancouver Badass Film Festival.


2xFunded team member

Past projects

The Sleep of Endymion
The Sleep of EndymionRock · $40,000 Fund
Team member
The Man In The Rabbit Mask
The Man In The Rabbit MaskDrama · $10,000 Fund
Team member

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