The Man In The Rabbit Mask
2016 Digital Shorts

The Man In The Rabbit Mask

An innocent sleepover becomes a nightmarish evening when two girls summon a cryptic masked man known as Mr. Rabbity

Length5 min. 11 sec.
DirectorAriel Hansen


Pitch video


In the winter of 1995, Lucy and Cara’s lives were forever changed when a nursery rhyme spoken over candle light invited an unexpected visitor, offering a gift… for a price. As the allure of the ultimatum makes both girls question their better judgement, the illusion of safety begins to fade in the presence of the masked stranger. A haunting yet whimsical drama, filled with nostalgic elements that will take you back to the era of; Pogs, Gameboys, childhood sleepovers and urban legends.

The team

Meet The Man In The Rabbit Mask team! We've had a lot of fun putting this concept together, and we couldn't be more excited to show the world what we can do.

Profile picture of Ariel Hansen
Ariel HansenDirector
Profile picture of Joel H. Brewster
Joel H. BrewsterWriter, Producer
Profile picture of Mat Lo
Mat LoProducer
Profile picture of Kunal Keram
Kunal KeramProducer
Profile picture of Christopher Graham
Christopher GrahamProduction Design
Profile picture of Ali Taylor
Ali TaylorProduction Design
Profile picture of Jordan Barnes-Crouse
Jordan Barnes-CrouseCamera Operator
Profile picture of Allison Klause
Allison KlauseSocial Media Strategist


Production Design

Designed by our concept artist Ali Taylor, we will have this mask made for use in the film.
In keeping with the Legend of THE MAN IN THE RABBIT MASK, this story takes place in 1995. Appealing to all those who can remember the 90's, the set of Cara's bedroom will be littered with treats in the form of 90's memorabilia. Not only are we offering a thrilling tale, but a trip back to one of our favourite decades. How did kids live before smart-phones and Instagram? Well, they played with actual toys, listened to analogue music, dialled each other on the land-line, had sleepovers and played games such as 'Chasing the Rabbit'.
The legend of THE MAN IN THE RABBIT MASK originates in Victorian era North-Western United States. Here are some concepts for Mr. Rabbity's costume.
Concept art by Ali Taylor for the look of Mr. Rabbity.