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Artist, Band, Writer, Producer, Actor, Production Design, Lighting, Music, Social Media Strategist

Ja Pace is a jewelry designer, dancer, musician, photographer, director and projection artist. She constantly seeks new ways to explore how to boost the emotional and metaphysical journeys undertaken by artists and art enthusiasts. She is accomplished in many forms of dance, including flamenco and ballet, and often plays and dances with bands around Vancouver, especially her globe-trotting family band, RioSamaya. Her and her family's jewellery style features raw crystals, geometrically powerful elements and body accessories. Ja's current labour of love is a coffee book that captures her exploration of light as an artistic medium. "Dressed in Light" celebrates the power and beauty of the naked human body, illuminated, enhanced and resplendent in colorful projections.


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The Sleep of Endymion
The Sleep of EndymionRock · $40,000 Fund
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