2018 Music Video


A modern day love story of a man's promises to his lady and her kids told by showing the everyday magic of Enderby BC.



Pitch video

The artist

Ari Lantela
About the song

It's a really genuine honest love song all about a man's promises to his lady and her children. Promises is an extremely personal, heart touching song that can really reach a lot of Canadian's, and just genuinely be an anthem for today's modern family.

The team

Our team is full of so much talent, we're blessed with ample creativity, musical genius, humble and passionate teamwork, hand drawn animations, bad ass females, and a song with the power to really move people. This really is a dream team.

Profile picture of Cate Currie
Cate CurrieArtist, Animation Lead, Animator, Production Design
Profile picture of Danielle Wintrip
Danielle WintripDirector, Editor, Producer, Production Design, Social Media Strategist
Profile picture of Penny Lane
Penny LaneProducer, Production Manager
Profile picture of Kale Beaudry
Kale BeaudryCamera Operator, Lighting


Production Design

Another example of Cate's art and the kind of illustrations that will be featured in the music video.
Another illustration by Cate.
Cover of the album Promises is from that is also an example of Cate Currie, our illustrator's art.
Cate and Ari are so wholesome they had a coloring book at their wedding, and this was the cover of it. The music video will be equally wholesome. Art by Cate Currie.
Another example of Cate's illustrations.
This is another illustration by our artist Cate Currie, and is an example of the kind of illustrations that will be overlaid on the music video.
Another of Cate's illustrations.
More of Cate's illustrations.