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Affecting, simple, yet brilliantly human. Nothing fancy here. Rawness expands from a life well observed, cured in heart and insight. Humbled by a bandwidth for love and the human experience, Ari turns song into landscape. It's an experience that feels familiar, warm and real. One that keeps you coming back for more - like all great loves do. Ari has toured extensively with Chicken-Like Birds from 2015-2018, including a full Cross Canada tour in 2017. He's got 4 solo albums including 2018's "Quiet Songs" and 3 albums with Chicken-Like Birds including 2018's "Wild Returns." He busked in Vancouver almost every day in 2016, and performed at Folk Festivals including South Country Fair and the Mission Folk Fest. He is a recently married family man.


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PromisesAcoustic · $10,000 Fund
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