2016 Web Series


They may not deserve your money, but they deserve your attention

Length10 mins. 30 sec.


Pitch video


Tips is a comedy following the mishaps and blunders of the wonderfully incompetent employees of Leftovers Restaurant. Follow new girl, Melanie, as she meets all the crazy characters, like Steve the charismatic goof ball waiter, Issac the hilariously chronically depressed dishwasher, Hazel the hotheaded volcanic head chef, Captain Alister O'Bryan the ex-military general general manager, and many more. In this fourth wall breaking service industry set comedy we invite you to be our guests to our fictional one star, high class ambition, low class reality restaurant and all the misadventures and complications that arise. We welcome you to be our guests to TIPS.

The team

Meet our team of talented and passionate film makers and actors! Help us bring the crazy characters of Leftovers Restaurant to life in our web series, Tips!

Profile picture of Geordie Joseph
Geordie JosephDirector, Writer
Profile picture of Steve Hof
Steve HofWriter
Profile picture of Emily Delion
Emily DelionProduction Design
Profile picture of Savina Chen
Savina ChenProduction Design
Profile picture of Duy N Bui
Duy N BuiCamera Operator
Profile picture of Kang   Park
Kang ParkSocial Media Strategist
Profile picture of Kent Donguines
Kent DonguinesSocial Media Strategist