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David Strasser

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David is a film and television director based in Vancouver, Canada. His movies screen regularly to audiences worldwide, including major television networks such as Hallmark (U.S.), Lifetime (U.S.), Channel 4 (U.K.), TF1/M6 (France), and the W Network (Canada). David has directed several romantic comedies over the past two-years, including The Dating List (19), Just for the Summer (20), Love is a Piece of Cake (20), Love's Second Chance (20), A Wedding to Remember (20), and Love at Cedar Creek (21). His most recent movie is the forthcoming Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original, A Glenbrooke Christmas (20). In addition to directing romantic comedies, David has directed the Lifetime Television thriller Killer Body (18) and the independent feature film Delinquent (16).


2xFunded team lead

Past projects

The Third Bandit
The Third BanditDrama · $10,000 Fund
Team lead
Against The Grain: A Guide to Nonconformity
Team lead

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