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Katie Gobert

Editor, Writer, Producer, Production Manager, Camera Operator, Lighting, Electrical, Motion Graphics, Social Media Strategist

I have worked in every role on a film set. My strengths would be camera and electric department. I have a Video Production Diploma from NAIT, and completed The Main course for independent film makers at FAVA (film and video association). I am a strong film producer as I can keep a crew in line even during stressful scenarios, and I am a strong DOP as I am very knowledgeable with film equipment and techniques and I'm able to effectively work with a director to bring his or her vision to reality.


1xFunded team lead
1xFunded team member

Past projects

'Kay, thx, bye!
'Kay, thx, bye!Comedy · $10,000 Fund
Team lead
Queer Scouts
Queer ScoutsDocumentary · $50,000 Fund
Team member

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