Finding Fairies
2015 Digital Shorts

Finding Fairies

A story of love, wonder, and the beauty of childhood magic.

Length9 minutes 31 seconds


Pitch video


Finding Fairies explores the capacity for childhood wonder and love to overcome fear and feeling lost. The story follows a little girl who discovers a bunny rabbit in her bedroom, and an adventure on the other side of her bedroom door. Her journey leads her to uncover some of the mystery surrounding the legendary Tooth Fairy and her own ability to bring hope and joy into the lives of those around her.

The team

We are so excited to be building this film. Our core team is in place but we are always interested in collaborations!

Profile picture of Rew Jones
Rew JonesDirector, Writer, Producer
Profile picture of Sarah Jones
Sarah JonesDirector, Writer
Profile picture of Nathan Fast
Nathan FastProduction Manager
Profile picture of Jem W Patton
Jem W PattonCamera Operator
Profile picture of Caleb Hart
Caleb HartSocial Media Strategist


Production Design

One of the things that very first inspired this project was a Final Cut Pro X plug-in called “ProPixie 5k” by Pixel Film Studios. We will be using this in post production to make this beautiful location even more beautiful.
Our lead charcter’s nightie design is currently finalized and will evoke both the dress Alice wears in Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” and Wendy’s nightie from Disney’s “Peter Pan”.
We Will be shooting Finding Fairies on a Red Dragon for both interior and exterior shots. The 6k resolution will let us really pull the colours and magical light out of our forest location.
Our primary shoot location will be Beach Estates Park in Nanaimo BC.

This little park tucked into the middle of town, is a perfect little oasis with lots of accessibility but a feeling of untouched nature and a unique rainforest feel.
We have a fantasically tempered bunny named “Ninjer” that will play the main rabbit role.

He has been being trained since he was young and is able to be directed reasonably well (he’s still a rabbit...). He will be shot both on location &  on green screen.