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Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Camera Operator, Lighting, Sound Engineer, Motion Graphics

A graphic designer by education, I'm skilled in multiple visual arts disciplines. I've created a great documentary on EJ Hughes through Telefilm, I own/use RED Dragon cameras, I work with fantastic aboriginal clients, and also shoot tourism photography/videography and corporate communications projects. I've won a variety of awards and I've been nominated for a LEO award, but I'm most proud of the Platinum Remington that I won at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival, beating out the multinational company Myriad Global with a tourism video, besting them in their prized advertising/promotions category. I have the equipment and experience working for commercial clients, and now, I'd like to start aiming my focus to creative projects as well ... so this is me, on STORYHIVE!


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Finding Fairies
Finding FairiesDrama · $10,000 Fund
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