Raven Steals the Light
2015 Digital Shorts

Raven Steals the Light

A battle between two mythological creatures results in humankind receiving the gift of light.

Length9 minutes 2 seconds


Pitch video


This short film will be created as a live action/animated retelling of the ancient Haida creation myth “Raven Steals the Light” which is about how light came to mankind. Our retelling will begin with a live action sequence as a grandmother shares the story with her grandchildren, transitioning into an animated world where everything is backlit with blacklight. The Raven sneaks into the Sky Father’s house and steals the light. As he flies away , he drops pieces that become the moon, stars and finally the sun. The story then returns to live action where the grandmother finishes the tale.

The team

This incredible cast, crew and animation team will bring the story to life. We have a fantastic combination of experience and talent to bring to the table.

Profile picture of Daniel Foreman
Daniel ForemanDirector, Writer, Social Media Strategist
Profile picture of Wes Doyle
Wes DoyleEditor, Camera Operator
Profile picture of Ian Doyle
Ian DoyleSound Engineer
Profile picture of Kelly Davies
Kelly DaviesMotion Graphics
Profile picture of Gabriel Lazarick
Gabriel LazarickMotion Graphics