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Kelly Davies

Artist, Director, Production Manager, Music, Motion Graphics, Social Media Strategist

A passion for animation has driven me to where I am today, at the helm of a successful animation & design studio that has kept "milk in the fridge" since 2002 and is going and growing strong. I've had a connection to this passion since a very young age and in 1993 was afforded an opportunity to lay the foundations of the visual medium that I continue to build upon. A graduate (and sessional instructor) of MacEwan University's Visual Communication Program with a major in Design & Digital Media, I've been honing my skills through the publishing industry, the advertising industry, the film industry and through online means. I pride myself on the life I've created through creativity and strive to bring my skills to client projects no matter what their budgets may dictate. There's always a way.


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Raven Steals the Light
Raven Steals the LightAnimation · $10,000 Fund
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