2018 Indigenous


The legend of Dzunuḵ̓wa brought to life in stop-motion film. Narrated in the traditional language of Nakwala.



Pitch video


We are making the Legend of Dzunukwa into a stop-motion short film! The vibrant natural landscape of the pacific northwest coast will be rendered in detailed miniature environments. Each frame and character will be skillfully constructed to immerse the viewer in this visual rendition of the oral legend. All sets and environments will be made up from the natural materials found in the ancestral homelands of the 'Nakwaxda'xw people. This legend will be narrated in the oral tradition of the Nakwala language. Audio taken from a late and honoured Elder will guide the visual story telling. This film serves as a new media form of traditional knowledge transfer through story. It upholds language revitalization for generations to come.

The team

Our team is a family! The younger members are visual artists creating beautiful films with the cultural guidance of our knowledgable, wise elders. Our diversity and mutual respect allows us to work closely in building a shared creative vision.

Profile picture of Ryan Hache
Ryan HacheAnimation Lead
Profile picture of Colleen Hemphill
Colleen HemphillWriter, Producer