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Ryan Hache

Artist, Animator, Editor, Writer, Camera Operator, Social Media Strategist

I have 3 years of dedicated stop-motion film making experience. I develop and build sets, sculpt and craft characters, produce the artistic vision and process/edit the visual media. My principle strength is stop-motion animating. I am self taught and have developed my skills as an animator intensely over the past 3 years. My goals are to continue developing my craft and push the limits of my artistic production and vision. My team Bronfree films have many avenues and aspirations for our film making. Most importantly is begin rendering short movies for a First Nations band situated on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. My creative partner is a member of this Nation and we hope to animate the oral legends of his people as told in their traditional language.


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Dzunuḵ̓waAnimation · $20,000 Fund
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