2018 Music Video


When a married couple witness the love around them, they seek to reinvigorate their relationship with dance & adventure.


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Andrew Merrigan

Andrew Merrigan

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About the song

“Colour”, the title track off of Asim's latest album, is a playful pop tune that speaks to themes of possibility and reassurance in the pursuit of love. The lyrics invoke a metaphoric visual that love will bring both people and the world around them into colour.

The team

Our team combines many years of experience in film, writing, music, and dance to inspire each other and grow together. We cherish this opportunity to challenge ourselves in the pursuit of creating a video as invigorating as the song it's for!

Profile picture of Andrew Merrigan
Andrew MerriganDirector, Writer
Profile picture of Reid Friedl
Reid FriedlArtist, Director, Actor
Profile picture of Asim Chin
Asim ChinArtist, Band
Profile picture of Chloe Sando
Chloe SandoWriter, Producer
Profile picture of Shannon Hunt
Shannon HuntProducer, Actor