The Maze
2018 Music Video

The Maze

"The Maze" creatively shows the struggle we all go through in life to become better, more positive versions of ourselves

DirectorChad Rook


Pitch video

The artist

Dani Le Rose
About the song

The song is about escaping a life or situation that is not serving you anymore. The chorus says "I'm feeling that feeling without you, cause I lose my soul when I'm getting lost with you"! The a'ha moment when you snap out of it and realize that you are worthy of so much more in life. It's a song that is both empowering and uplifting.

The team

Our team will consist of very talented and experienced professionals in all fields to help make this a unique video. We will have professional choreographers and dancers, along with an amazing wardrobe stylist and a professional film crew.

Profile picture of Chad Rook
Chad RookDirector, Editor, Production Design


Production Design

Urban Fare at the Village - Vancouver, BC
VanDusen Botanical Gardens - Hedge Maze - Vancouver, BC
St. Andrews Cathedral - Victoria, BC