X Hotel
2018 Music Video

X Hotel

Mikey enters an old saloon in mourning and gets more than he bargained for...not that he notices.

DirectorRew Jones


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The artist

Michael Cassidy

Michael Cassidy

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About the song

X Hotel starts with a drum kit already in full swing. After a couple bars the bass slides in beautifully as the whole band begins to jam for a measure. There’s an eerie element to the song, but the vocal energy adds fun. The song explores loneliness, girls, and relationships. As the energy climbs Mikey lets loose and eventually shreds a great solo.

The team

We are excited to make a top-notch genre-bending video up in Grande Prairie, Alberta! If you want to jump in, get in touch with Mikey or Rew!

Profile picture of Rew Jones
Rew JonesDirector
Profile picture of Sarah Jones
Sarah JonesProducer, Production Design
Profile picture of Patrick OConnor
Patrick OConnorProduction Manager
Profile picture of Mariah Braun
Mariah BraunProduction Design, Lighting
Profile picture of Budiman Kardino
Budiman KardinoProduction Design
Profile picture of Lilah  Jones
Lilah JonesProduction Design, Electrical
Profile picture of David McGregor
David McGregorCamera Operator
Profile picture of Matt Levins
Matt LevinsLighting
Profile picture of Cody Flynn
Cody FlynnSound Engineer
Profile picture of Jared Matlock
Jared MatlockElectrical