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Mariah Braun

Grande Prairie, AB
Director, Producer, Production Manager, Camera Operator, Social Media Strategist

I’ve always been interested in creating art, but never found a medium that has intrigued me as much as filmmaking has. Over the three years I have been experimenting with video content by taking a number of professional video production courses. I’ve put these skills to use by contributing to multiple short docs, producing a local podcast, and producing & editing short video commercials for small businesses. Going forward I am looking to challenge myself by being involved in bigger projects and collaborating more with creators in the filmmaking industry in Grande Prairie.


2xFunded team lead
3xFunded team member

Past projects

X Hotel
X HotelRock · $10,000 Fund
Team member
Undefeated: Journey to the Deathrace
Undefeated: Journey to the DeathraceDocumentary · $50,000 Fund
Team member

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