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Louwrens Olivier

Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Camera Operator

I am an independent filmmaker based in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Inspired to find my artistic and creative voice, I have written, directed and produced a number short films. While learning the ins and outs of independent filmmaking over the past few years, I've taken numerous opportunities to help local filmmakers with their projects. While filmmaking remains a passionate hobby, it has become a journey of self-discovery where I am inspired to improve and become a visual story teller that is true to my vision. I have had short films screen in Alberta, British Columbia and Upstate New York. Originally from Victoria, BC, I've been living in Alberta for nearly 25 years.


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Past projects

Undefeated: Journey to the Deathrace
Undefeated: Journey to the DeathraceDocumentary · $50,000 Fund
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