2017 Music Video


When all that's left to wait for is death, nothing makes you feel more alive and young than a good old food fight!

Length5 mins. 8 secs.


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The artist

Hans Grossmann

Hans Grossmann

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About the song

Take a few aging folks, a fierce game of Bingo, and a ton of food - and see how far one goes to feel young and alive again! Once the food starts flying, there's no stopping them!

The team

Our team is a powerhouse of creativity, passion and imagination waiting for the chance to show the world what we got!

Profile picture of Hans Grossmann
Hans GrossmannDirector, Producer
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Jarett SitterArtist, Animation Lead, Animator


Production Design

Jarett Sitter will provide his unique style of animation to the video - to add a subliminal layer.  Pictured here, the album art previously done for Copperhead's EP.
These cue cards will be animated, introducing our setting, the band, and main players.
One Point Perspective.  Just to amplify the symmetric look.
Symmetry and precise, smooth dolly shots.  Everything to be shot in slow motion.
Food fight visuals
Dark tones, especially browns, yellows and blues, with some light pastels to accommodate  the comedy.
This is the location we would like to shoot at.  Round tables will be placed everywhere for the bingo game, the band on the stage at the back, and a podium off to the side for the man calling out the numbers.
Food fight visuals.
This picture pretty much shows the colour palette and over-all vibe of the music video as well the setting.