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Hans Grossmann

Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Production Design, Camera Operator, Lighting, Electrical, Music

My journey into the land of make-belief started before I was old enough to comprehend basic algebra. The first time I set foot on a film set was at the age of 13, and I haven't looked back since, graduating the Film and Video program at SAIT, and followed by working the grind as a lamp operator on dozens of projects ranging from micro-budget music videos to Oscar winning feature films. As gratifying as that is, I have been working towards a more personal aspect of the art, fusing it with my other love - music. Having become involved more and more with the Calgary music scene and working with numerous artists to create live performance videos and music videos has become a new passion of mine, one that I want to expand on and develop my directing style with!


2xFunded team lead

Past projects

WaitingEasy-Listening · $10,000 Fund
Team lead
Out of Sight
Out of SightIndie · $10,000 Fund
Team lead

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