Witch Problems?
2016 Animation

Witch Problems?

A socially awkward modern Witch attempts to make ends meet by decorating homes for TV Christmas Movies.

Length5 mins. 0 secs.


Pitch video


Fantasy meets modern life, in this version of Vancouver, where magical beings and mythical creatures all co-exist in their daily urban lives. Follow a day in the life of Sage, a socially awkward Chinese-Canadian witch, as she and her ragtag team decorate another stranger’s home for a TV Christmas Movie. With each bit of tinsel and round of garland, Sage hopes she’s one step closer in paying off her student loans, and another step closer in being the film director she hopes to become. Of course, this isn’t without many failed attempts and a growing list of odd personal problems...witch problems!

The team

Meet our impressive team of talented and self-motivated individuals. We firmly believe in this project and are stoked to be working on "Witch Problems?". From idea to script, sketch to animation, voice over to sound composition - we cover it all!

Profile picture of Alexandra Marriott
Alexandra MarriottEditor, Producer
Profile picture of Bernice Gordon
Bernice GordonAnimation Lead
Profile picture of Tercio Rodrigues Mota
Tercio Rodrigues MotaAnimator, Motion Graphics
Profile picture of Rosaura Lezama
Rosaura LezamaDirector, Producer, Production Design
Profile picture of C M
C MWriter, Producer
Profile picture of B Joel Cran
B Joel CranSound Engineer


Production Design

The cabin the ragtags hope to "chrismisify" without destroying.
Character study.
character study
Character study