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Bernice Gordon

Artist, Animator, Director, Writer

I was trained at Sheridan Institute of Higher Learning (formerly Sheridan College), and have a BAAA (Bachelors of Applied Arts and Animation) as well as courses in OCAD. I specialize in traditional methods and mediums of arts and animation, as well as adopting the computer mediums for 2D animation and film making. I have worked in the animation and freelance industry for the last 10+ years in a variety of positions including: Storyboarding, Layout and Design, Design, BG colour, Freelance Animation, and Graphic Design. I have worked on independent projects, as well as the contracts of major studios. My professional goals include creating independent productions that are deep and symbolic, as well as facilitating interesting and unique story lines and visual techniques.


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Witch Problems?
Witch Problems?Animation · $10,000 Fund
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