Dawn of the Derricks
2016 Web Series

Dawn of the Derricks

Two old friends reunite during a zombie outbreak, discovering that human connection is the key to the cure.

Length7 mins.


Pitch video


Dawn of the Derricks is a horror-comedy about best friends Derrick and Derek, reuniting in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Each zombie only targets a specific person as if they're linked somehow. They capture Derrick's zombie and as he uncomfortably falls for her, they realize that the cure lies in human connection. It's up to a stereotypical slacker and a cliché ex-businessman to kick some zombie ass and save the world... yet again.

The team

Built of the producing power of Tetra Films - our team consists of head Director Willy Lavendel, Producer Brice Benson Kelly, and DOP Ian MacDougall. Brice and Willy will star in the lead roles and coordinate the initial development of the project.

Profile picture of Brice Benson Kelly
Brice Benson KellyProducer, Actor
Profile picture of Willy Lavendel
Willy LavendelDirector, Writer, Actor
Profile picture of Kayla Rowand
Kayla Rowand Production Design