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Willy Lavendel

Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Actor, Camera Operator

Willy Lavendel has been in the film business since he was a kid. As a child he acted in a host of high-budget TV shows and movies, one being Rainbow directed by Bob Hoskins. After ten years with a Theatre company he went to a three-year intensive theatre school in Montreal. Being directed by various film and theater directors has garnered him a good eye and great respect for actors. He then attended Vancouver Film School and graduated with honors from the Film Production course, leaving with a plethora of shorts he edited, directed and wrote. Willy currently works as a writer/director for Tetra Films, a film production company he co-owns. He strives to produce positive content and has a strong passion for using video to inspire the world.


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Dawn of the Derricks
Dawn of the DerricksComedy · $60,000 Fund
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