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Camden Filtness

Director, Editor, Writer, Actor

I am a recent graduate of Capilano University's "Acting for Stage and Screen" program. While there, I received extensive training with on stage performing, and working on a film set. Throughout my studies, I came to realize that I had a passion to create my own work, and bring my own stories to life. I also found being behind the camera was just as fulfilling as being in front of it. A co-founder of "Lively Willy Productions" - a small film company that strives to share the stories of people in Vancouver, and it's artistic community - I have become very excited to start creating as many projects as I can. I'd love to share work through mixed-media platforms, and create a community of storytelling. Everyone has a story to tell, I'd love to share it.


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GOONSComedy · $60,000 Fund
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