2016 Web Series


No Plan. No Problem.

Length9 mins. 46 sec.


Pitch video


Fighting an uphill battle against a more talented and well trained fighter, Brawn must find a way to win, or at least not get beaten too badly. An ominous character lurks in the shadows and wants to use the Goon for his own mischievous plan.

The team

Always challenging ourselves to reach new levels, our team is a hard-working, dedicated and talented ensemble. Plus we are a lot of fun!

Profile picture of Malcolm  Masters
Malcolm MastersEditor, Writer, Producer, Actor
Profile picture of Ryan  Bolton
Ryan Bolton Writer, Producer, Actor
Profile picture of Camden Filtness
Camden FiltnessWriter, Producer, Actor
Profile picture of Keelan Filtness
Keelan FiltnessSocial Media Strategist


Production Design

Working out the camera angles for the Super Punch scene.  Prepping for a shoot!
Damony works on his Super Punch
Practicing a fight sequence with the gloves on and in the ring.  Practice makes perfect, and also costs time, money and commitment!
Gooning around on set
Goons working on Choreo
Looks like Brawn is going to taste leather very soon!
Brawn sees what is about to become his future
Malcolm and Damony work on their fight routine
Malcolm Masters works out at the gym.  Preparing for a Goons shoot ahead of time.  A lot of hard work goes in to making it look easy!