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Taran Kootenhayoo

Director, Writer, Actor, Voice Over

A graduate of Capilano Univerity's Acting for Stage and Screen program (2015); Dreamspeaker's on Tour Alumni (2009 & 2010); wrote and directed a commercial for Dreamspeaker's (2017); SOAR Aboriginal Arts writer, performer and acting coach (2013,14,15); a member of Full Circle First Nation's Performance Ensemble (2015-present); a member of UBCP; a member of EQUITY; recently received Whistler Film Festival's "Star to Watch" selection, which will include professional training from Directors, Producers and Screenwriters. I've performed in numerous Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking (IIDF) short-films and witnessed firsthand the process of filmmaking, specifically with a native focus. My goal is to learn screenwriting and directing to help create films that inspire Indigenous peoples.


1xFunded team lead

Past projects

D.I.YDrama · $20,000 Fund
Team lead

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