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Marc Dela Cruz

Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Camera Operator

My name is Marc Cruz and I am a film student and an aspiring screen-writer and filmmaker with a passion for writing thrillers, drama, and science fiction. With the knowledge I have acquired in school, I have editing, writing, directing, and producing experience, as well as leadership skills and working in a team of creative individuals with the same interests as myself. With the help of Telus Storyhive, I hope to take stories based on my own experiences, the experiences of people around me, or stories inspired by my wild imagination, to create character-driven movies and web series that display my unique take on storytelling. I want to inspire the future generation of writers and filmmakers with my work just as I was inspired growing up by renowned writers and filmmakers with theirs.


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A Visitors Review
A Visitors ReviewComedy · $10,000 Fund
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