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Angel Chua

Editor, Producer, Lighting, Motion Graphics

A longtime freelance photographer and recent grad from BCIT's TV and Video Production Program, Angel found her obsession: telling stories. Anything from comedic unusual situations to kidnappings and murderous monsters, Angel loves to manipulate emotions and enhance storytelling through cinematography. Since she started as a photographer in 2011, Angel's always had a keen eye for capturing raw emotions and freezing the perfect moment. When she realized her passion for capturing that moment, she wanted to do more; how can you further tell the story of individuals? She explored this idea and found herself working on film sets as a stills photographer to cam assist. She then went to BCIT in hopes to launch her career in the film industry and tell stories in a new light (no pun intended).


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A Visitors Review
A Visitors ReviewComedy · $10,000 Fund
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