2015 Digital Shorts


Cloning now exists, but the clones can only live one day. A man uses this to spend one last day with his lost love.

Length10 minutes 5 seconds


Pitch video


In the not so distant future, cloning has become a reality. The clones are physically perfect, but they have one flaw. They can only live for one day. A man, reeling from the sudden loss of his fiancé, chooses to bring her back to spend one last day with her. But in a world where the dead can be brought back, even for a short while, how does someone learn to let go? Graft is a Sci-Fi short that deals with grief, loss, and what it really means to be human.

The team

Our crew has worked together on multiple projects, from horror films in the pouring rain, to high-budget studio work. We're committed to delivering the best possible film. If you are interested in working on Graft, we'd love to talk with you!

Profile picture of Steve Schwartz
Steve SchwartzDirector, Writer
Profile picture of Kevin Horan
Kevin HoranEditor, Writer
Profile picture of Bill Moldt
Bill MoldtCamera Operator, Lighting, Electrical