The United Guys Network
2015 Digital Shorts

The United Guys Network

A newlywed husband is kidnapped and brainwashed by men in the neighbourhood to enforce the unwritten macho guy code.

Length9 minutes 49 seconds


Pitch video


Newly-married Paul Seger is a loving and attentive husband to his wife Sheila, which threatens the other guys in the neighbourhood. Three men from the United Guys Network-kidnap Paul to re-program him to be more manly. Sessions in an abandoned warehouse focus on re-programming male skills like avoiding housework, obsessing over sports, and mastering the art of half-listening. The more Paul resists, the more the guys hammer away at him until they break him. Weeks later at home, Paul's brainwashing affects his relationship with Sheila who is confused by her husband’s new behaviour. Their home, meanwhile, is monitored by U.G.N. surveillance cameras to make sure Paul keeps in line. He faces a big choice- return to his former affectionate ways or act like a typical husband.

The team

We are a group of award winning creatives from all walks of life including: an Editor, Producer, Photographer, Director, Cupcake Maker, and Animal Lover(s). We've banded together to create a tongue-in-cheek comedy that unites the sexes!