2015 Digital Shorts


What would you do if you came face to face with yourself?

Length9 minutes 48 seconds
DirectorJamie Alain


Pitch video


COLLIDER is a psychological sci-fi love story in the mould of 'Upstream Color,' 'Her' and 'Persona.' Dawn, a brilliant scientist, is devastated after the death of her partner Ann. Dawn has been working in a classified wing of the Large Hadron Collider and has discovered the means to shift between the membranes that separate our realities, and into PARALLEL UNIVERSES. Dawn realizes that there must be a dimension where Ann is still alive and so injects herself with the nanotechnology to slip through dimensions. But in doing so, Dawn finds herself face to face with various versions of herself, each dealing with their grief in different ways. The extra-dimensional race is on for Dawn to find Ann before her reality is torn apart.

The team

Meet our talented team! Director Jamie Alain, Star Ali Liebert, Cinematographer Phil Lanyon, Producer Todd Giroux! We are the perfect mix of experience, talent, creativity and drive ready to make Collider a great short film!

Profile picture of Jamie Alain
Jamie AlainDirector, Editor, Writer
Profile picture of Todd Giroux
Todd GirouxProducer
Profile picture of Kirby Jinnah
Kirby JinnahSound Engineer
Profile picture of Adam Stern
Adam SternMotion Graphics
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Shawn AlainSocial Media Strategist


Production Design