2015 Digital Shorts


Blind Orphan Midgi follows a shadow into an other worldly place when it promises to restore her vision.

Length10 minutes 0 seconds


Pitch video


Blind orphan girl Midgi is desperate for an empathetic companion. In her distress she befriends a mysterious entity that promises her it will restore her vision if it can spirit her away to a place called 'Shadow Town'. Once there Midgi is faced with a fateful decision. Does she stay in this village inhabited by only shadowy ghouls where she is privileged with vision; or does she return to the real world to face her disability knowing at least she will be living among humans. What consequences will befall her despite the path she takes?

The team

We are Castle Acadia! Our team has years of experience in design, animation, acting and theatre production. We've come together to exercise our talents and aid in the development of artistic culture in Calgary Alberta!