Super Roommates
2019 Web Series

Super Roommates


Pitch video


Production Design

There are a couple of horses on the property that have been written into the script. They add a nice Alberta touch to the project.
This is the house where the roommates live and where we'll film the majority of the pilot. It's an acreage property in Airdrie, Alberta. The owner has given permission to chop the bushes at the front door and along the wall and to make nearly any changes we'd like. Unfortunately, it's located close to a busy road.
The house comes has some cool finds that we intend to use in the pilot, including the rocking chair in this picture, a working organ, pitchforks, lawn flamingos, and a No Trespassing sign. Because it has not been used for a while, the owner has given us permission to paint and decorate the house as we want. The only downside is that the house does not currently have a kitchen, but that's not a problem because the script was written specifically with this house and its limitations in mind.