You Didnt Make Me
2015 Music Video

You Didnt Make Me

You didn't make me, you ain't gonna break me!

Length3 min. 48 seconds


Pitch video

The artist

Justin Brunelle

Justin Brunelle

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About the song

"You Didn't Make Me" is an anthem written to empower. The song weaves together the stories of three different characters who face intimidation. The three are united by one strong declaration, "You didn't make me, you ain't gonna break me!"

The team

We have a stellar cast and crew of 30+ people already lined up! The entire film crew are working industry professionals that are on the biggest productions that come through Alberta and are passionate about making great films!

Profile picture of David Baron
David BaronCamera Operator
Profile picture of Kami Van Halst
Kami Van HalstSocial Media Strategist


Production Design

Our crew is very experienced working with top notch gear & know how to use it to tell the story. We will be filming on the Sony FS700 and the Sony F3 and using the Movi for stabilization. We will create the atmosphere using HMI's, grip set ups and proper camera support.
There are countless ghost towns in Alberta, each with a story. Once a booming train town, Hairy Hill was largely abandoned after a crippling fire. A few locals clung to the ground they were raised on & stayed put. We are excited to breathe new life into their old stomping ground.
Andrea Nixon’s style is vintage country. We have received the support of local clothier, Welsh’s Western Wear to provide our costuming. This will ensure an authentic & consistent visual testament to classic, country style.
Our film community LOVES what we do! Passionate, professional crews excel on every project! We will employ 25 crew members to bring this project to life. The result will be something well worth watching.