2015 Music Video


Based on the dancing plague of 1518, hundreds of people become seized by an involuntary hysterical reaction to dance.

Length4 min. 41 seconds


Pitch video

The artist

Laura Combden
About the song

Imagine the walking dead mixed with a period flash mob, scored by some beautifully haunting music. Our story begins with our 'patient zero' as she embodies movement and dance foreign to her body. This dancing spreads to other townsfolk as they fill the townsquare. After dancing to exhaustion the only person left standing is Petunia and his Mercy.

The team

Check out our lovely and talented team! Petunia, our talent. Aaron Bernakevitch, our awesome director of photography. Alyssa Peron & Serenella Sol, our lead dancer and choreographer.


Production Design

Our #1 location is the CL Western Backlot located just west of Calgary city limits. Rather than be restricted by the specifics of making 16th century France, in a western townsite in Alberta, we are going with a 1800s design in both costume and location.
Bow River Ranch
John Scot Western Town