Heart Like That
2015 Music Video

Heart Like That

When a heart shatters, one has to make a choice. We want to capture that moment with honesty, vulnerability and beauty.

Length3 min. 47 seconds
DirectorOrsy Szabo


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The artist

Jon Silverberg

Jon Silverberg

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About the song

Alexz: I feel that the attitude and spirit of "Heart Like That" was already prevelent in the early stages of writing. It's based on real events and I hope it can give strength in the true art of moving on to those who need it. I see the music video reflecting that strength and attitude.

The team

We are so excited to collaborate together and create a music video for "Heart Like That", a song that moves us, as we have all been heartbroken, and found the strength to move on.

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Alexz JohnsonArtist, Band
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Orsy SzaboDirector
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Krista RandProducer
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Andy HodgsonProducer, Camera Operator, Lighting