The Love Of Two
2018 Indigenous

The Love Of Two

A story of two people who could never find the right time and the way to each other. A love story of finding yourself.

DirectorTito Gomez


Pitch video


We want to make a web series about two First Nations people who love each other but never manage to be together. Due to being split apart by school, family and life yet they still manage to carry that flame for each other. Each episode would be at a different time in their lives (20s, 40, 60s) where they see each other and yet they never tell each other on how they feel. They both know it but never act on it. When one is single the other isn't or it seems like that. When they are finally single the main female is dying as they open up about their feelings. They understood that if they acted on their love they would hurt too many people in their every day lives. Main male dies shortly after she does after singing a native love song at her gravesite.

The team

We are a husband and wife team that is interested in working with other filmmakers that share our vision of telling great stories about the human experience.

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Pamela BeebeWriter, Producer, Production Manager, Social Media Strategist
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Tito GomezDirector, Writer