Broken Records
2018 Indigenous

Broken Records

An indigenous teen reconciles her reality and her love for pop-culture on a night when her father throws a house party



Pitch video


Broken Records is a 90’s tale about an eventful night for a dysfunctional indigenous family. Sophia is a hopeful teenage girl consumed by mainstream pop culture. The movies she watches don’t always match her own personal life but she chooses to view the world through rose-pedalled glasses. She lives on the reserve with her assertive mother, eccentric father and older cynical brother. Their relationship is put to the test when the father decides to celebrate a pool-tournament victory by throwing a house party.

The team

The Napi Collective is a grassroots filmmaking community from Siksika Nation. We carry on the spirit of the oral tradition through the visual medium. We want to tell great stories but we also want to develop on-reserve talent.