Take Us
2018 Music Video

Take Us

Take Us is about empowering all people to face their dreams and challenges head on without limitations or fear.

DirectorZoé Arthur


Pitch video

The artist

Á'a:líya  Warbus

Á'a:líya Warbus

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About the song

Take Us is about the journey to success and whatever that looks like for each individual. Success often takes years of learning to face your fears, big goals and dreams, and yourself. The limits we place on ourselves often come from within and we really need to bust through that ceiling to prove there is no ceiling.

The team

Meet our all female powerhouse team. We are all filmmakers. We are combining our skills to create a music video experience to empower marginalized voices. We've come together to connect strong messages with strong images to make beautiful art.

Profile picture of Á'a:líya  Warbus
Á'a:líya WarbusArtist, Writer
Profile picture of Zoé Arthur
Zoé ArthurDirector, Writer
Profile picture of Kaayla Whachell
Kaayla WhachellCamera Operator