2018 Music Video


Giving up on trying to make sense of all the negativity in the world, and escaping to a peaceful landscape.

DirectorBrody Jones


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The artist

Justin Nerling

Justin Nerling

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About the song

Feelings is about being admittedly disheartened by the state of the world and wanting to runaway, or remove yourself from the pressures of trying to stay sane. Personal experiences woven with current events paint a picture of desperation for a break from it all. "And I guess i'm in my feelings again, but in my dreams I keep on seeing the end."

The team

Having been friends for years, working together on a project like this in our home province would be an amazing experience. The skill set of our members runs deep within the film and music industry, and we truly believe the results will be great.

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Brody JonesDirector, Editor, Producer, Production Manager, Camera Operator